Yeast lives everywhere, but it congregates heavily in certain favorable environments: The skin of fruit, the pores of wood, and the industrial zone of Portland's East Bayside. Thanks to the many yeast-based businesses now housed in the area, the neighborhood is being revitalized, and has earned itself the nickname 'yEast Bayside.' We'll show you some of the highlights of this hard-to-find 'hood!

Our first stop is'Lone Pine Brewing Company.'After working in the retail side of beer for over a decade, Tom Madden decided that the time was right to break into producing his own beer. A long-time home brewer and Certified Cicerone, he reconnected with his longtime friend John Paul who had been working in the music industry in California. Together, they opened Lone Pine in March of 2016 in a former countertop production space in Portland's East Bayside, and they are churning out American-style Pale and Wheat Ales for retail sale and enjoyment in their elevated tasting room.''

Our next stop is'Hardshore Distillery. New in Portland is Hardshore Distilling. This project headed by Jordan Milne is set to open shortly next to Maine Mead Works. They intend to produce high quality gins, including seasonal and special editions. Also look for them to produce Maine angles on cordials and other herbal liqueurs on their impressive copper clad still.

After, we will visit Maine Mead Works.'A producer of one of the world's oldest-known fermented goodies: mead. While mead, or honey wine, is typically heavy and syrupy, you'll be pleased to find that the team at Maine Mead Works has developed a light, dry, modern take on the formula. They'll sample us on their extensive list of variations before showing us some of the secrets to their success.

The final stop of our tour is Rising Tide Brewing Company.'The name, taken from the famous quote 'A rising tide lifts all boats,' encapsulates the collaborative spirit of the craft beer industry, and the loyal following of locals speaks to the young company's community engagement as well as to the quality of its beer. We'll thread our way through the thirsty crowd and retrieve samples for you to enjoy while you learn about the largest brewery on the block.

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