Meander past a spotless sorting machine, down a hallway lined with French oak barrels, and past stainless steel fermentation tanks, all the while sipping on a rich Oregon wine. This is the start of your exploration of Portland's boutique wineries in a hip urban setting. The tasting flights will include wines made from some of the finest grapes available in the Pacific Northwest and complimented by a locally sourced charcuterie platter. Some of Portland's best urban wineries deliver an outstanding educational wine tasting experience.

Depart downtown Portland and cross the Willamette River to delve into Portland's vibrant Central Eastside, a blend of industrial warehouses, creative studios and a rising tide of restaurants, microbreweries and after-hours hot spots. Drive through the eclectic Eastside neighborhoods, talk about the latest trends on urban development, Portland's growing local artisan population, and of course, the infamous restaurant and food cart scene.

The first stop will be a small, family-owned urban winery where a collection of winemakers produce artisan wine and share their passion. The winemakers bring grapes from acclaimed vineyards across Oregon and Washington to their custom crush facility, where they combine traditional techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to craft award winning wines. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the winery and the wine making process, and partake in a wine tasting flight, typically poured by the winemakers themselves.

Next, wind your way to another great urban winery that hand-crafts authentic old-world style wines that express the moment they were created, as well as the moment they are enjoyed. This urban winery opts to keep their operations as small-scale as possible. Human-sized stainless steel tanks, small fermentation bins, and no-bigger-than-they-need crush equipment. This allows them to experiment, care for each batch separately and create complexity in their small space. Relax in the inviting tasting lounge and enjoy another wine tasting flight, as well as a complimentary, locally sourced charcuterie platter.

The wine tasting flight fees as well as the charcuterie platter are all included in the price of your ticket. You will have a chance to purchase wine at the wineries, and the wineries can walk you through convenient shipping options straight to your home if needed. At the end of the afternoon you will brought back to downtown Portland.

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