Forest Park is one of the largest urban parks in the world and the only city wilderness park in the United States. The park is home to hundreds of native plants and animals and offers more than eighty miles of trails - all within minutes of downtown Portland.

This activity'is a 3-hour guided activity'that is private and will include just you and your guide, Sarah, a former spokesperson for the Parks department.'While navigating the park on your own can be daunting, Sarah'will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience and do not get lost!'If you want to hike or walk slowly that is absolutely ok! If you want to have a rigorous fitness hike that is ok, too. Photography stops and nature gazing are welcome!

Enjoy a hike'and picnic lunch in one of Portland's crown jewels - Forest Park.'

About Forest Park:
Forest Park'is one of the country's largest'urban forest'reserves. The park covers more than 5,000 acres of forest with a few patches of'old growth. More than 112'bird species and 62'mammal species frequent the park and its wide variety of trees and shade-loving plants. Many small creeks'run'through the woods. It is an ideal place to experience the big woods of the Pacific Northwest without leaving Portland.

Our hike route is approximately five miles, and can be shorter if you prefer - that is entirely up to you and how you are feeling the day of the hike.

Meeting Location:'is at St. Honore Bakery, where you can choose some goodies to pack for lunch if you would like. This location is accessible via public transit or taxi, and is a short distance from downtown Portland. You and Sarah will walk to the Forest Park trailhead from the bakery.

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